Why Choose LECT?

Leading Excellence Consultancy and Training Ltd prides its self as having the skills, experience and capability to meet the holistic needs of any organisation, company and, or school by means of providing business support, consultancy and high quality training to help ensure the cohesive development of learners, staff, managers and corporation leaders within the establishment.

LECT offers a three tier continuous professional development approach which provides training qualifications for all staff from level 1 to level 5, Consultancy support to leaders regarding setting and meeting targets and business support to ensure the company has a clear mission and vision which is consistently supported by the organisations business development plan.

LECT Tiers:

1. Training and Apprenticeships

2. Business Support

3. Educational Consultancy

Training and Apprenticeships:

LECT is committed to providing quality teaching and tailored support for clients, employers and professionals. Our nationally recognised professional qualifications and academic courses are facilitated by highly educated and motivated staff members who endeavour to ensure that your learning experience is student-led, welcoming and supportive in a highly motivating environment which is suited to your learning needs.

Business Support:

We are committed to providing quality business support in start-ups, community interest companies and the private and public sector. We offer support around; employment law, Health and Safety, Business plans, Financial budgets and forecast and human resources.

Educational Consultancy:

LECT offers consultancy support to schools, training providers and colleges around Improvement Plans, school evaluations, Ofsted, Action Plans, whole school targets, behaviour management, Health and Safety, Safeguarding, Policies and procedures, Leadership Qualifications and Governance.

Business Support:

We are committed to providing quality business support

Our Vision

To develop Leading Excellence Consultancy and Training Ltd as a dynamic, vibrant, value based learning organization who leads in managing excellence in improving exceptionally skilled, motivated and committed professionals who facilitate seamless transformation of our participants to excellent performers

Our Mission Statement

To be the first choice provider of excellence consultancy, training and nationally recognised professional qualifications, through facilitators who are constantly evolving to achieve their highest potential and are empowering others to do the same